How blogging helps with student reflection

Blogging is a way in which an individual can write about a particular industry or hobby and give their opinion on it. This rather new form of publication has become popular and I am going to see if it is good for student reflection.

Blogging in higher education (HE) can be very useful for reflecting on lectures or seminars and gives a true reflection on what a student has got out of each day.  By blogging it can also help to build confidence and self-esteem by expressing your opinion out of the friendship or university bubble in which you live. Confidence behind a keyboard may be a small change but if you get more confident in blogging then you can take this into academic work, giving you the opportunity to do better. Writing for an audience means the student will take more care than if they were scribbling notes down and treat it more like an assignment than they traditionally would with notes.

Blogging is integrating new technology into your life, as it is replacing old technology such as pen and paper in terms of a diary in which you record what you do. Another side to blogging is it creates a positive digital footprint which is advantageous with employers as it shows you have a passion for higher education and technology alike. By posting regularly it creates and an archive over the university term or year and you can use some of this information to remind yourself of the work you have done.






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